Saturday, January 19, 2008

A Writer Writes

This is a lesson I learned many years ago. I have re-learned it many times through the years. A writer writes, that is what he does, that is who he is. If I do not write, I die. Over the past year I have been devoting more and more of my time to my writing. Making a concerted effort to not only write more, but write more often. Hence not only have I increased my magazine and online writing but I’ve increased my fiction writing as well.

I would now like to talk to you all about a couple of my up-coming projects. Over the past year I have been very busy and have written a number of short stories some of which have been illustrated and are coming to fruition. In the next month or two a couple of my short stories are coming into print (and, hopefully, a few more after that — more on that as it happens)

Seeing as we are about halfway through Jan. by now, I wanted to let you all know that coming up in Feb. There will be a couple more of my comicbook stories coming out in print. That’s right, the third issue of the Guild Works Productions illustrated horror anthology, Psychosis! as well as the seventh issue of the Comicbook Artists Guild anthology CAG #7. My story in Psychosis! #3 is both a follow-up as well as a prequel to my story from issue #1 Never Judge a book....

Springload and RenegadeMy story in CAG #7 is in a completely different vein as it explores some older precepts that I had developed some 20 years ago with my Renegade Press comic, Agent Unknown. This series is an action/adventure storyline set in the world of espionage and counter intelligence. The characters in the current storyline are new, but they live in the same world as my previous heroes.

Agent UnknownIt is my intention to resurrect these older characters, and to try to build on what went before, and (finally, hopefully) move the series forward; Oh, and, interestingly enough, the artist on that original series Dell Barris, contacted me out of the blue last month to check in on me. I hadn’t heard from Del since the original series abruptly ended. As it turned out, Dell wants to work together again, and is interested in helping out on the relaunch of Agent Unknown. Further, he has invited me to join him on some of his projects as well.

There’s more, but this is the stuff that I can talk about now. More as it happens.

The Perfessor

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Tommy said...

Sounds like a lot to do, which isn't bad when it's something you enjoy. :)