Friday, January 11, 2008

One More Day is a Bad Idea, Executed Badly

I think that this is what irks me the most. Joe Q. keeps saying that he wants to bring Spidey back to what made him great. Well one of the things that made him great was his humanity, and that, ostensibly, he lives in the real world (anyone out there besides me remember Stan’s comments about his heroes living in the “Real” world? Hence New York rather than “Metropolis,” “Gotham City,” et. al.?) Well then, how many people do you know that make a deal with the Devil to annul their marriage? To save the lives of their aunt?

No. This is plain and simple a bad idea, executed badly. So it really doesn’t matter how well any stories that follow it may or may not be written, they are based on a sloppy premise. Any truly talented writer can spin a story out of pretty much anything. Any truly talented writer would have figured out a better way to work this out.

Personally, I really don’t have any major objection to the dissolution of Peter and MJ’s marriage. My problem is to the off-handedly cavalier way it was done. It violets the precepts of who the character is, and one can only assume if Aunt May knew what Peter and MJ did to bring her back,m she would have bitch-slapped the both of them


Tommy said...

I don't know how I missed this one.


In my case, I'm pissed off about both what was done and the notion of ending the Parker marriage.

And yeah, Aunt May would indeed be incredibly angry and although a part of me would love to see that, I can't blame Pete & MJ here, I can only blame the editorial decision behind this.

It feels like Pete is someone else, so it doesn't feel like a proper mess-up, just a forced one.

Robert J. Sodaro said...

Sorry Tommy (and everyone else) I didn’t mean to fake you out with this post. It was sitting in my draft folder, unfinished from the other day, and I simply forgot about it (I was interrupted while writing it, and, well it happens — Personally, I’m blaming Mephisto).