Sunday, January 27, 2008

Bigger and Bigger!

I want to take some time to talk about my good buddy Matt Ryan. Matt drew my story, Never Judge a Book... which appeared in Psychosis! #1 (Published by Guild Works Productions). He has also drawn the follow-up to that story (How Deep the Wood, slated to appear in Psychosis! #3). I really like Matt’s style, he has this cartoony flavor to his art that makes it truly unique. When I first saw it on my story, I wasn’t sure that it was right for the story. However, after reading the story a second and third time, I came to realize that our creative director, Mark Mazz actually knew what he was doing by matching Matt and I up together. Yep, I really came to love Matt’s work on my characters, and have come to view him as a full contributor of this project.

I’m telling you all of this because I want top talk about another of Matt’s projects. He is the writer/artist on a very funny (very screwball, very unusual) series entitled Bigger. Bigger is the story of a teenager named Willie Rison who has something of a big problem. You see, whenever young Willie he gets, well “excited” it isn’t just his, ah, manhood that grows, it is all of him. Seriously

Hey, you can’t make this stuff up, I’m telling you what is going on in the comic; and remember, this isn’t my comic, it’s Matt’s). Anyways, what happens to Willie, is that he grows into a giant. Throughout the course of the comic, Willie must learn to cope with his (ahem) “growing” problem. On top of this, he has to focus on his school work, not to mention he has to save his burgeoning relationship with his best friend (now his girlfriend), Weez.

Matt has been producing Bigger for some 10 years, and has produced numerous comics as well as a few digest-sized versions of these oddball characters. I highly recommend this comic, it is very funny and entertaining as well. So I highly recommend that you all pop over to Free Lunch Comics, and pick up as many copies of this very funny book as you can carry home.

Oh, you can read more about Matt and his crew over here.


Steve Kanaras said...

I get a rise out of "Bigger" too! Shoot me for that.

Tommy said...

Hehehehe, this sounds like a hoot.

Robert J. Sodaro said...

I was actually going to say that I shot my load on that last post, but I figure that was a tad crass, even for me. Also, I really have only begun to say nice things about Matt, as you can see in this post.

Robert J. Sodaro said...

Tommy, it is most assuredly more entertaining that a funnybook reader should be allowed to have while still wearing their clothes!