Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Oh Yes, it WAS a Spider-Christmas

So the Holidays are (mostly) over and it is time for the post-holiday clean-up (I’m seeing discarded Christmas trees starting to line the streets of my neighborhood) and paydown (and I’m sure those bills are about to arrive in the mail soon). However, in the meantime, let me tell you all about the very cool Spidey stuff that showed up under my tree last month!

UPDATE: As I was scrolling through this post I just realized that I never posted the image of the Hallmark Spidey ornament that I received just prior to Christmas never made it up. So I guess that I’ll just have to get to it in a later post. Stay Tuned!

First up, as you can see, we have a pair of Christmas Tree ornaments. These two never got on the tree this year, but you can be rest assured that next year they will be up there. (That, of course, reminds me that I know that I have a box somewhere with other Spidey ornaments, that I haven’t been able to find in a couple of years. Hopefully I’ll find those too, and get them on the tree as well.)

Next up, we have a complete Spider-Man 3 dinner set, with a plate, bowl, fork and spoon, a freeze mug, a sports-sip cup, and a tumbler. All cool to have if you are, well a Spider-Geek.

The, (because its Christmas) what would the holiday be without candy canes? You heard me right, my wife found me spidey-themed Candy Canes. How cool is that?

Oh, and if you’ve already finished reading your Spider-Man Icon (written by my pal Steve Saffel) then you are going to want to pick up The Marvel Vault by Roy Thomas and Peter Sanderson. I just skimmed it, but it is a very cool tome that — in addition to being another view of th history of the company — it comes with some very cool replicas of Marvel Memorabilia, which is the part that really makes it more than “just another ” Marvel History book.

Oh yeah, then to round out the Spider-Swag, I got a pair of Marvel calenders. One was specific to Spidey, while the other is a Pop-up deal that features many of the classic Marvel heroes. Again, all cool stuff.


Tommy said...

Years ago, I got Spidey themed candy canes as well, based upon the 90's animated series on Fox.

Robert J. Sodaro said...

This is the col stuff that I love getting. Spidey-themed items that are targeted for specific holidays.

You wouldn’t believe the number of packages of Spidey Valentines that I’ve acquired over the years.