Monday, January 28, 2008

It is another Brand New Day (all over again)

Yep, I had my say (a couple or three times) about this (here and elsewhere) but, as you can expect, I’m no where near done yet. (Hey if I have to suffer through 18 months of this crap, you are going to have to suffer through 18 months of my haranguing Marvel over it!)

Well, the point is that I just finished reading the first three-part story arc and well, I will say this one positive thing, Marvel did manage to get three issues out in three weeks (no small feat as it hasn’t been able to get one Spidey issue out every four weeks for several months prior to this, something that shouldn't have been that hard, as there were three or four titles which should have been scheduled to hit on consecutive weeks, but never quite managed to do so — there would be several weeks of no Spidey comics, and one week were all of them came in at once!)

Anyways, I read the first story arc and while Dan Slott is a very talented writer,and Spidey is a very engaging character he has been handed a bill of goods and while he is struggling mightily to do the best he can, is still reads like crap (sorry Dan, I still love ya, but the starting premise is dreck and you can dress dreck up all you want, but it is still dreck).

I suppose that what I truly object to second most (the BND premise takes the top slot) is that this first story revolves around another tablet with ancient Egyptian writing on it. Anyone who knows me knows that the first tablet storyline (which ran in Amazing Spider-Man #s68–75) is easily my favorite storyline ever in the series. Still, even that couldn’t salvage this story.

Of course part of the problem with using this (backwards) link, is that it gives the story yet another “been there, done that” feel to the action. (Then, of course the trio of “kissing” splash pages that kick-started each issue.)

Still, taking all of that into consideration, I wanted to present to you a pair of very witty snipes taken at Marvel Editorial (Joe Q) by some very talented people. First up is this image to my left which was done by my good budy and fellow SpiderFaner and CAGer Chris B. The second one (and I may have already posted this link once before) was posted on David Willis’ Shortpacked. Both take turns at essentially the same gag, but it works well in both. (And I did link to Shortpacked before it is most assuredly worth linking again.)

Enjoy (Oh, Chris’s image is going with an article that he is penning for another website, when that rant goes live, I'll add that link in as well, because I read his pre-posted rant, and he definitely knocks it out of the park. Way to go Chris!

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Tommy said...

The Peter and Jonah mouth to mouth thing has been in used in a bunch of jokes at the Scans Daily place I've linked to in some spideyfan letters.

One scan had Emma Frost saying something like Jonah would sooner be kissing Spider-Man than for mutants to be well looked upon...or something like that..and then they follow up with that splash page.