Monday, November 19, 2007

I just flew in from the National
(and boy, are my arms tired!)

Yeah, I know that it is an old gag, but it is one that I do so enjoy. I also enjoyed myself at The National Comicbook Convention. For those of you who don’t know, the National is a three-day show held in NYC and put on by Big Apple Conventions.

I was in on Saturday and Sunday, and split my time between the Comicbook Artists Guild table(s) and the Guild Works Production table. I also spent quite a bit of time visiting several of my other friends and acquaintances at their tables. Chief among these were Melvin Ylagln, Andria Grant, Mark Teixeira (whom I had previously interviewed for Comics Values Annual 2007), Mark Torres and the always lovely Belkis from Comicbook Novice, Mikes Raub and Gold (of ComicMix), and Jeff (One Live Beast).

I met the folks from Dafixer's Hideout who do a great podcast over at their site; Andy Schmidt (The Comics Experience), Mark Bode, Frankie Washington (who is a very pleasant chap from Massachusetts). I also ran into Jeff Rovin (a man I consider to be my mentor as he helped kick-start my career) and Mike Catron (who purchased my very first article and published it in Amazing Heroes #5). I got to spend some quality time w/Mike (he came to dinner with us). The whole thing turned out quite enjoyable for all of us (especially me, because I got to spend time with good friends of mine).

I got to spend time with Matt Ryan (my partner on the Wülf Girlz which will appear in the third issue of Psychosis! #3 — due out in early 2008); and Chris Torris (who is helping me revive Agent Unknown (again to appear in early 2008). There’s more, but I’ll save that for another time. Suffice it to say that I had a real good time.

Oh, the pics in this post are just some of the characters that were wandering around the con.


Tommy said...

Lighsabers, and Wookies, and girls---OH MY!!!

Awesome stuff!

Sounds like you had fun and got to see some friends too!

In the words of William "Bill" S. Preston Esq. and Theodore "Ted" Logan: "Excellent!!"

spleenal said...

chewbacca looks more cuddly than usual

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