Saturday, November 24, 2007

Spidey’s Identity Problem Solved!

That’s right, Peter Parker no longer has a secret Identity problem. It’s true! After outing himself at the start of Marvel’s Civil War event well over a year ago, Peter Parker has (quite accidentally) been relieved of the burden of having everyone in the world know that he wears his underwear on the outside and beats the crap out of crooks with silly names and powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal men (and women).

You read all of that right. Spidey is back to his normal routine (that is until Joe Q. Screws it all up again with the contents of the Brand New Day storyline).

Yep, and the best part of this scenario, is that it didn’t happen in any of the on-going Spidey-titles. nor did it happen in a “special” one-shot spider-related title. Nor was it previously announced and/or leaked to the fan press to create a media-generated run on title in question. Nope, it happened as part of the regular incidents in an under-rated, on-going title. It happened in Avengers, The Initiative (issue #7, to be precise).

If you are interested, I’ll tell you here what happened, but before I do, I want to talk about it for just a bit, and give you the opportunity to stop reading the rest of this post if you so choose — you can keep reading for a bit, I’ll warn you before I actually plan on revealing the plot point). There have been those of us who have been wondering how the powers that be over at Marvel would fix this tremendously horrible idea. (yeah, it was good for a few stories, but as a long-term plot point, it is a bad idea and it surely needed to be fixed).

So now it is fixed, and not in a Deus Ex Machina sort of way, but in an organic, fashion. in such a way so that it is actually believable (both in the world of Marvel, and to us readers as well). There are those of us that felt that this “fixing” was going to require a spell by Dr. Strange, or some sort of Wanda Maximoff Hex-power incantation. But no, Marvel fooled us all and did it in a totally believable way that should satisfy all of us.

Well, I’ve been reading Spidey from the beginning, and I bought it. I was also very surprised and entertained as to how writer Dan Slott brought it about. Oh, and after having thought about it, I’ve decided not to reveal how it was done, at least not in this post. Now go and buy the book

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