Sunday, November 04, 2007

Holy Space Ghost!

Hey there kids, how was your Halloween? Have fun? Stay Safe? I certainly hope so. A buddy of mine had his birthday a couple of days before the Eve of All Hallows, and well, when I accidentally strolled into his birthday party, I found, not only several old friends of mine in attendance, but my friend, dressed up as Space Ghost.

Some guys know how to celebrate, and Matt Raub is one of them, you can read some of Matt’s reviews over at ComicMix, or even buy some of his fan gear (Hey Matt, you have fan gear? How’s that working out?)

Me, I didn’t go out, but well, I had fun anyway. My daughter went out, collected a bag full of candy, and she lets me eat the ones she doesn’t like. She’s the best!

Oh Yeah, so long as I have your attention, in case you haven’t heard, Spidey 3 is on DVD (in three flavors, no less!). Anyway, Sony is having a tie-in with Papa John’s Pizza. That’s right, if you purchase an Extra-Large three-topping pizza from Papa John’s, you get a $3.00 off coupon on the DVD (I’m told that if you purchase the DVD at either either Target or Wal-Mart (not sure which), you also get some sort of Spidey card. I need to look more into that, and get back to you).

Anyway, I purchased a Papa John’s pizza this Saturday, and got my coupon. Now I’m off to get the DVD.


Tommy said...

That's an excellent Space Ghost costume!!

I wanted to get something to show the kiddies that showed up for candy, but by the time I was looking, there was nothing. Mostly Christmas at this point (hell, Wal-Mart was playing Christmas music the night before Halloween)

However, I did find this the night before...

*Whistles innocently*

There was a display near where Wal-mart kept the soda you posted some time back, but I didn't get to check it out for long. Time was a' wastin.

I'll probably go back there w' my coupon soon.

Robert J. Sodaro said...

Tommy, I tried to go to the link, but photobucket wanted me to log in first. Not a big deal, but then it wanted my cell phone # and PIN, so, nope I don't want to post all that info just to look at a picture, sorry.

If you wanted to download the pic, and then re-post it in the comment section. Feel free.


Tommy said...

It asked you to log in??!

That's weird. It shouldn't do that and Photobucket wants a cell phone and pin?!?

Strange. Very, very strange.

I cut the link there in 3 parts so it wouldn't run over, cause if you just put in the first part from http to y30/ it'll be like you're trying to log into my photobucket, but the direct link should have taken you to the one image without any hassle.

I'll e-mail the image to you in any event.