Wednesday, September 19, 2007

More Cool Spidey Stuff

While we all collect stuff with our favorite character on it, I personally like to collect odd-ball stuff. Oh sure, I like figures, toys, games, and stuff, but I also like to find truly out-there kinds of things.

The images at which you are looking are porcelain light-fobs, that is to say, the thing that dangles at the end of a pull chain for a ceiling light.

I found them (there are two) on ebay, and yea, they are attached to the lights in my office. Now these are wicked-cool.

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Tommy said...

Heh, not only is it more decorative, but it also is easier to find at night if you're trying to reach out and adjust a setting on an overhead fan, or just turn the light on bereft of a light-switch.

However, if you have the same odd habit as me (sometimes batting the switch-chain and causing it to get tangled in the light fixtures above), that thing might really whack the overhead fan.

In retaliation, your Spidey decor will turn emo on you, put on a black costume, and push you down causing you to say, "What's happened to you?!?"