Monday, September 17, 2007

More cool Spidey stuff!

I have a friend who is (apparently) as goofy about Spidey as am I. Interestingly enough, this person is female. Yep. Apparently girls like Spidey too! Her name is Lori, and she keeps telling me about her massive collection of Spidey-related keychains. She is also planning on redoing her bathroom in a Spider-Man theme. (Hey, I told you she was goofy!)

Still, as if that wasn’t enough. She also has a Spidey tattoo on her ankle.

Then there is this marvel-related game book I spotted at CVS. Nope,I didn’t buy it, but I did take a picture of it.

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Robert J. Sodaro said...

Here is an update on Lori. Not only has she become immortalized on Spiderfan, but she has informed me that she is planning on a new Spider tattoo. Just wait until you see where she plans on getting it!

Personally, I can hardly wait.