Sunday, December 02, 2012

Oyster Festival 2012

Back in August of this year, I was working @ the Norwalk Seaport's 35th Annual Oyster Festival, and — as it has for the past three or four years — the Festival had a Sunday morning kid show staring Marvel Comics characters. Once again, I got my picture taken with the characters after the show, and will continue to use the photo as my desktop wallpaper for the next year (until the 2013 Fest, when I will get a new pic.).

Well I just today received the photo from the Oyster Fest volunteer who took the pic for me (John Leskovsky — thanks John). Needless to say, the Marvel stage show was the best attended show that we put on this year. Even better than our lead act, (the lead singer from the rock group Foreigner)

Oh, yeah, and that’s me in the center, sporting my pair of Avengers IDs (one of them signed by then President Ronald Reagan, and the other signed by the head of Homeland Security). Who’s cooler than me?

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