Saturday, December 08, 2012

Amazing Spider-Man, via Carl's Jr.

This past year, Sony chose to re-launch the Spider-Man movie franchise with The Amazing Spider-Man. Well, while we weren’t completely impressed with the new iteration of our favorite hero, we did enjoy the film if only for the re-introduction of Gwen Stacy, our one-true love.

Well, as you all know, we are not just ga-ga over Spidey, we love it when a set of toys featuring the webbed one hits the fast food nation. As expected, with the advent of the new film, there was indeed a new set of toys, only they were issued by Carl’s Jr. & Hardee’s which are both essentially Left Coast franchises. As some of you may recall, Carl’s Jr. was also the franchise that issued the first set of Spidey toys, back in ’02.

Anyways, it took us a while, but we finally tracked down a full set of the ASM movie set, and here it is.

First up is the bag that all of these goodies came in (apparently with some food, I’m told)

 Then there was a “flicker” ring

 A “stick-up” Spidey figure

and a set of nine (9) collectible cards: Here are the backs...

 ...and here are the faces.

A couple of the other cool parts of the Spidey-related stuff from that film include the following...

A coupoun for some online game.

The cellophane packaging in which the toys came,

and the foil pack in which the cards were packed

And now they’re all mine. Hopefully when The Amazing Spider-Man 2 hits the big screen in 2014, the toys will be issued by a franchise that is closer to me, and I’ll actually be able to check out some of the food that comes with these toys. 

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