Friday, July 06, 2012

The Mighty Titan is coming

We all have our pet causes (Mine include the CBLDF, MoCCA, The Hero Initiative, & the Red Cross), and I know that you all have yours, still I want you to consider checking out the viedo below,and considering giving some of your hard-earned cash to my good buddy Joe Martino so he can launch his next comicbook project; The Mighty Titan.

Now I know that a lot of folks want you to help them launch their pet project, but for Joe, this is something more. You see, a while back Jooe had cancer, and he beat it...twice (which is why I keep telling him that he's a mutant, but that's a story for a different time).

Anywho. The Mighty Titan deals with a very powerful superhero who, in his "regular" life has cancer, This is the story of what that means, how it affects him (and, well, Joe), and what comes next. It is a powerful and compelling story, and I highly recommend that you all kick in to help Joe get it off the ground.


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