Friday, June 17, 2011

Comics I've been reading

OK, so a couple of comics I've been reading include X-Men #s7-10. The X-Men are now living out on Alcatraz , but some of them head back east so that they can get into a team-up with Spider-Man (not the real reason). As it turns out, kids are being turned into lizards and they meet up with Spidey and all the heroes go into the sewers of NYC to find the lizard creatures. only one of the X-Men who makes the trip is Storm, who has either apparently gotten over her complete and total phobia of being underground and in enclosed places, or the writer of the series simply never read those earlier Claremont issues where it was established that she had this fear.

Either way, while the art was fine, and the story (other than this HUGE out of character bit), was OK. However, the character disconnect was so huge that I really couldn’t enjoy the story at all.

Next up is Venom (#3).

Venom is now Flash Thompson, who lost his legs protecting his platoon while he was stationed in Iraq. Well, recently, he was given the Venom symbiote by the U.S. military to be a super spy for them. While I’m still not entirely sure if I like this development in Flash’s character, in issue #3 Flash — who was in the Savage Land attempting to protect a shipment of Vibranium, learned that Betty Brant (whom he is dating), was kidnapped, and the kidnapper offered to trade Betty for the Vibranium. So he told Flash to fly the chopper to NY for the trade.

Problem is that I don’t believe that the chopper could have made it from Antarctica to NY in a non-stop flight. I believe that a man can fly. 

You see, while I totally believe that Norse & Greco-Roman gods roam the Earth, and I believe that if bitten by a radioactive spider, you will acquire the proportional strength of one, put on spandex and fight crime. I further will go so far as to admit that if exposed to gamma radiation you will bulk up and turn gray, er, green, ah, red, no, wait, blue…whatever.

What I simply don’t believe is that you can fly a helicopter non-stop from the Savage Land, to Brunswick New York.

Why is it that the folks that are hired to write (and edit) comics simply overlook the parts of their stories that invalidate them instead of working just a bit harder to write believable stories.

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