Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Cool new Marvel (and other Funnybook) Swag

The other day my lovely wife was out and about and discovered a very cool coloring book featuring the Superhero Squad version of the Avengers.

What makes this coloring book extra cool is that in addition to the English text in the comic, there is also Spanish.

Yep, each page contains all of the captions in both English and Spanish. Pretty cool, eh?

Then My older brother, Ron, passed along to me a nifty-cool Spidey Bucket (that I suspect used to belong to my nephew, Tony-o).

Don’t fret for Tony-o though, he’s now 16 or 17 and while still a Spidey fan, is now distracted by other stuff, and so is OK with bequeathing me this (and presumably some of his other Spidey) toy(s).

Next up, is an old photo that was taken of me during last years NY Comic Con. As you can see, I'm standing “inside” a Spider-Man standee. Well even though this pic was taken several months ago, I never really looked at it, and it wasn’t until I was preparing it for this post did I realize that my good buddy, Mark Mazz was standing behind me.

Nice guy, eh?

I’m also including a shot of the fabulous Jim Web who I spent time with this past weekend over at MoCCA.

Finally (also while I was at MoCCA), I met a young cartoonist (14-years old!) named Emma t. Carps who publishes a comic called The Chapel Chronicles. She also produces greeting cards, post cards, buttons, and other cool stuff.

Her comic is delightful, and you should check out her stuff, as she has mad talent (as my own daughter would say).

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