Thursday, October 21, 2010

Look who's been published (again)

In case anyone besides me is interested, some more of my written words have hit the bookshelves once again, and well, while it may be a tad egotistical for me to pimp my own work, well, too bad. This is my blog, and I started it because, well I was bored, and wanted to throw my words out there into the digital ether. So if you are here you eatier care about what I’m saying or (like me) you stumbled in here by accident. In any event, here we go...

First up, we have the sixth issue of the second volume of The Official Index to the Marvel Universe, where we talk about the Avengers, Thor & Captain America. I’m contributing to both the Thor and Captain America entries. Then there is the cover copy that I penned for the collected hard-bound volume, Marvel Universe: The End. The comic can be found in comic shops across the country, while the book should be available in Bookstores as well.

In the first instance the on-going comic purports to lists all pertinent info to all Marvel comic ever published (at least that is our stated goal), while the second is the premiere hard cover edition of Jim Starlin's epic mini-series. Personally, I’m always astounded that anyone actually cares about the Index other than those of us working on it.

I mean, it is probably essential to those folks who like to hoard and track this sort of information,but given that our sales figures are consistently so low I’m always amazed that we haven’t been canceled. Still the book sales of the collected info much do well enough for them to keep us going (that, plus there are Cap, Avenger and Thor movies coming out over the next couple of years), so that should help keep us going.

As for the Marvel Universe book. Well, there's always room for stuff like that. So I suggest that you all go out and purchase multiple copies, then hunt me op and ask for an autograph, I promise not to charge you too much for it.

Yeah, these two items may not be much, but, well, I had fun writing 'em!


The Perfessor

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