Thursday, February 12, 2009

Yes, this IS the Apocalypse!

Every day, in every way I keep thinking that I’ve seen everything, then there is a story like this that comes along and convinces me that — even as jaded as I believe myself to be — I can (apparently) be surprised, and by the silliest things?

Anyone remember DC’s Legion of Super Pets? Yeah, me too. anyways, it seems that memories of this band of pet heroes isn't some youthful discretion, drug-addled part of my brain on comics, but an actual part of the funnybook landscape of the ‘60s.

Well, just as we’ve all experienced LSD-laced flashbacks and wicked-hot, bad chili that repeats, so too do comicbook-inspired retro-plots inspire new riffs on old songs, so now Marvel has leaked news that we are about to be subjected to experience the Marvel Comics version with the all-new, (all-the-same), take on this hot topic.

To be sure, this could be fun, and I certainly hope it will be fun, but seriously, what is with this move on Marvel’s part to emulate DC of the ‘60s (First the current Marvel Universe (with Civil War, and Secret Invasion) is no longer “the world outside my window,” then Marvel Apes, and now Avenger Pets?). While it does give an interesting spin to storytelling, I can’t help but to thing WTF?

Anyone else want to weigh in? Personally I have to go back to tracking Marvel Index continuity (which sounds like the mother of all oxymoronisims, but that could just be me).


Tommy said...

XD This looks fun to me, but I'd laugh even harder if a cartoon continuity character showed up: Ms. Lion. @_@

spideyfan said...

Hoooray for Ms. Lion

Who of these funny animals I know?

1. Lockjaw; the pet of the "Black Bolt" leader of the inhumans

2. Kitty's dragon (I guess)

3. Frog Thor (don't know its name, but I know "I SAY THEE RIBBIT")

4. Is that squirrel the friend of Squirrel Girl?

SO I don't know, enlighten this "Marvel Pits" ignorant

P.S; the 'i' is on purpose :D