Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Just when we thought they were done...

...we get dragged back for more!

That’s tight buoys & gulls, there is a fifth variant edition of Amazing Spider-Man #583. I’m thinking that Marvel is going to keep this particular issue in print long after President Obama has left office.

Actually, in an interesting twist on the issue’s collectible value, one store owner to whom I spoke speculated that the later variant editions (with geometrically smaller print runs), might actually be worth more than the initial versions.

Personally, I don't know, but I suppose anything is possible (plus there is the possibility that a complete set of all variants might also increase the value if combined).

1 comment:

Tommy said...

Yeah, a full set would probably net some money.

I'd figure that someone in the know would attempt to do just that now, as that this is the time when it will be worth the most.

Then, as you've already pointed out (in print, no less), the value will eventually go down, and such opportunities will be lost.