Friday, September 26, 2008

Spider-Pie! (yes, for my birthday)

So, my Birthday is continuing (sort of). I stopped by my parents this week, and discovered that she had baked me a birthday (apple) pie. When I brought it home, I decided that I deserved a “Spider-Pie”, so I went by my local supermarket and purchased a set of those Spider-Tchotchkes that go on top of your cake. As you all recall, I had a Spider-Cake on my 50th birthday, and since these figures are different from those (these figures are from Spider-Man 3).

Yeah, you’ll notice that I had already taken a slice of pie before I out the figures on top, but that’s the best part of being an adult, you can eat your cake (or in this case, pie), and have it too.


Tommy said...

As long as a piece is the only thing that's missing and there isn't a hole in the center. (American Pie reference :P)

Robert J. Sodaro said...


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