Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Batman Lego @ McDonalds!

That’s right kiddies, in honor of the new release of the new Batman Lego videogame, Mcdonald’s is giving away Batman Lego toys. Yep, you heard that right, Batman Lego toys. Now what could be cooler than Batman Lego toys (except perhaps Spider-man Lego Toys — but that goes without saying, ‘natch).

Anywhoo, like I said, there are eight of these very cool Batman Lego toys, currently at McDonald’s. Here are the first two.

#1) BatSub

#2) Batcopter

More pics as I get the toys.


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Tommy said...

Lego Spider-Man would seem like a no-brainer if they are starting to tap into other universes.

Maybe after Web of Shadows is released?

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