Monday, September 15, 2008

It’s the end of the world as we know it

I’m not entirely sure of this, but I do believe that the appearance of the recently-released Marvel Apes is one of the signs predicted by Nostradamus of the on-coming Apocalypse. No seriously, I’ve seen the Marvel Universe put through some pretty impressive hoops this past few years, but when I heard about this newest limited series, all I could think was WTF?

Then I read the first issue.

Now, I have to say that I really enjoyed it. Yeah, seriously, I really kind of enjoyed it because it was fun, irreverent, and evoked the feeling of silly fun that is so missing from Marvel Comics these days. The story follows Martin Blank, the Gibbon, as he and a (nearly competent) research scientist are transported to an alternate Marvel-Verse where Apes Rule (and no, Neither Charlton Heston nor Mark Wahlberg appear). Written by Karl Kesel and written by Ramon Bachs, the story is a light-hearted romp that is fun, and should not be dismissed out of hand by readers.

The story starts out in the “real” Marvel U, and then moves the two characters over into a world ruled by apes, where Martin — who is a self-confessed loser — comes to feel at home. Only this new world just might not be the place that he initially believes it to be. A back-up story has the The Watcher telling us all about the origin of the Marvel Ape-verse.

If you haven’t picked up this comic as of yet— and are in the mood for some fun with a twist — you just might want to check it out. (there was also a preview of Marvel Apes in Amazing Spider-Man Family #1, that you might want to check out as well.)


spideyfan said...

What happened to that post about that lady artist? Why isn't it available any longer?

I thought Marty Blank is in the realm of ignore and forget, never thought there could be a day where he is used in comics once more.

Robert J. Sodaro said...

Do you mean this post? it is still there.

Tommy said...

If the Gibbon appears, can the Grizzly be far behind? They were a crime-fighting duo in the late 90's and then randomly appeared in Spider-Man: Tangled Web.