Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Today I’m In Fanboy Heaven!

That’s right kids, I went on the Comicvine Dating service to see which comicbook character I’d be compatible with, and look who I got on my first try!

Tiger. It looks like I just hit the Jackpot!

(Personally I always thought of myself ad a Gwen kind of guy!)


Robert J. Sodaro said...

This might not be considered entirely kosher, but I e-mailed the link for this post out to some of my funnybook friends, and got back these responses (apparently no one wants to post responses here except for Tommy, and even he didn’t post, but e-mailed me back).

Anyway, this is some of what I got back...


Gah! I had Araña a as my result, with Kitty and Mary Jane right after.

I don't like 'em that spunky and isn't she underage?

Nyyaarrgghh!! ><


I got Psylocke



I wouldn't be too upset. I got X-23, Lyja, and Aurora the first time around.

Paul S.

Tommy said...

Hehehe, I liked have Kitty and Mary Jane close %-wise, but I did find it odd to have Araña as my result.

Getting the Scarlet Witch, Jean Grey, Psylocke, or Storm would have been awesome outside of Mary Jane.

Yes, I like the red-heads. < >


I'm going to have to look up X-23.

I only knew of X-51 aka Machine Man/Aaron Stack.

And it may be possible Gwen wasn't one of the results for the the quiz.

Andrew said...

I got Lois Lane. That's about right. Kitty Pryde was my backup; if we're talking Ultimate Kitty, that's about right too.


Paul S. said...

Oh a funny thing happened when I took the quiz on male superheroes. I somehow ended up with Robin, Northstar, and The Rawhide Kid.

Robert J. Sodaro said...

Tommy, X21 is a Wolverine knock-off and I think that she might be his daughter.

Paul, in regards to your male match-ups can I say...ewwwwww.


Tommy said...

Yikes! And in the M2 Universe his daughter is Wild Thing (I think).

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