Sunday, August 05, 2018

Teen Titans Go (the Movie)

So, a week or so back I went to see Teen Titans Go! To the Movies with fellow comic aficionado (and former DC Comics scribe) Gary Cohn. The reason for this was that while Gary was at DC he (and Dan Mishkin) co-created Amethyst Princess of Gemworld who showed up in an (all too brief) cameo in the film.

Now (admittedly) neither Gary or I would normally attend the theatrical screening of such a film (no offense to the film itself nor to the creators, cast or crew of the film, it is just that an animated film targeted towards kids (even a comicbook-based film) just isn’t our cup of tea. We are both more the live-action funnybook film kind of guys (me more than Gary, but that’s another story).

If anyone is interested, a longer, more detailed review of mine will appear at a later date over on HubPages, where I’ve been posting my film reviews as of late. (Yeah, yeah, I know I’ve been absent from those pages for a while, but, you know, life and all that, and I do plan on returning to posting over there as soon as possible.)

Needless to say, both Gary and I thoroughly enjoyed the film (yeah, it was goofy, and hyper-kinetic, and yes, targeted for a (much) younger audience. Still, it was very entertaining, and all. Plus we not only got to see Amethyst herself, but we got to see Gary’s (and Dan’s) name(s) in the credits.

However, even more surprising, was that comicbook superstar, and Marvel’s own legendary Stan Lee also had a surprisingly unexpected Cameo in the film. Now how cool was that?


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