Monday, August 13, 2018

Hey look! I’m (apparently) wicked famous again!

So, back in March of this year (2018)  the folks over at the Grawlix Podcast spent some time reviewing a comic that I wrote for Red Anvil Comics, entitled Owlgirls. Well, Red Anvil co-publisher Joe Martino hard the podcast, and alerted me to its presence. So I checked it out.

So, after listening to that podcast where the hosts seemed to like (if not quite understand) the comic, I checked out a couple more of their podcasts and they seemed like nice enough blokes, so I reached out to them and indicated that I’d be more than happy to talk with them about Owlgirls, as it was really one of my personal favorite comicbook projects in which I have been involved.

I spoke about that original podcast here,

After a brief exchange, and a (relatively short) time period, we managed to get together, and record the podcast. That particular podcast was released a bout a week back, and is now up online (here).

I listened to the podcast and (even though I already knew what what it was all about) rather enjoyed it. So if you want to learn more about Owlgirls, Red Anvil, or some of the other (admittedly cool) stuff I’m doing, check out the ‘cast and then tell them how much you enjoyed it.

Then hang out and make the Grawlix Podcast a regular listening ‘cast of yours!

So Thanks Randy, Jessie, and Melanie for a fun Sunday afternoon, and all of the press, and ego-boo!

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