Tuesday, August 09, 2016

With the 135th anniversary of the first flight of Gustave Whitehead fast approaching (August 14, 1901) I want to remind everyone that Gustave flew two years prior to the Wright brothers).

I learned about Gustave through my high school science teacher, Andy Kosch, who went on to build and fly a replica of  of Gustave's Old #21 back in 1985. He is currently building a couple of other replicas in order to duplicate his (and Gustave's) successful flight(s).

In 2013 historian John Brown researched and coorberated that Gustave did indeed fly two years prior to the Wright brothers. His findings were subsequently published in Jane's All the World's Aircraft.

When I first heard this story from Andy (when I was still in high school) I thought that this would make for a great comicbook. Well, it took me 35 years, but I finally published that comic. So, if you are at all interested, here is a comicbook that I wrote about Gustave Whitehead.

You can purchase copies of the comic from IndyPlanet.

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