Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Unit 5 has landed in Comicbook Stores

September 11th 2001 it wasn’t just the U.S., but all of the citizens of world that experienced an ominous day. However, it also became the turning point in the fight against global terror. Founded by the United States Government and born out of the personal tragedies of five extraordinary individuals each of whom suffered personal losses due to the 9/11 attacks and all of whom have deep ties to the Ground Zero attacks. Now these five have joined together to fight global terror and are collectively known as Unit 5. These five extraordinary individuals now work for the U.S. Government.

With a cast of characters that is as diverse professionally as they are ethnically, there is something for everyone. Like most great heroes, these characters were born out of tragedy. It was the intense tragedy of the terror attacks on 9/11 that form the real-life backstory which has enabled many fans of the book to form a deep, personal connection to the storyline and characters. As we first join the story we meet each of the members of the team Drift, Tech, Ollie, Box, Brain, as well as their (non-costumed) leader, Dom Dugan. We are brought up to speed by a couple of reporters before jumping right into the story where Drift and Tech take down a terrorist before joining up with the rest of their team, and then going out to engage with a terrorist cell.

Unit 5 is published by Red Anvil (The Mighty Titan, and the upcoming Cyberines). The book was created and written by Skip Winter, President of Link Marketing (which owns the property itself). The book itself is wonderfully illustrated by Red Anvil co-Publisher, Joe Martino (Shadowflame, The Mighty Titan), whose layout, design, and illustrations add a deeper dimension to the story. While the root of the story (the 9/11 attack) gives no small amount of depth to the tale, the characters themselves are something of cyphers — which is only to be expected in the first issue of a team book — but which we forward to improving as the series progresses.

All-in-all, this is a fine initial effort, and we do recommend the title to folks who are interested in supporting well-made, creator-owned, indie comics. 

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