Wednesday, June 04, 2014

The Simpsons Season 9 Episode 5 – The Cartridge Family

We’re really not a Simpson’s fan, (although we did watch the movie), so we didn't know of this particular episode until recently. The show was all about how Homer bought a gun (Description below). Apparently it was upsetting to a number of folks, including the NRA. After watching it, I honestly can't understand why, as it is very funny, and is neither pro nor anti gun, but leans in the direction that Homer is a idiot and shouldn’t handle a gun. Anyway, the episode is online and can be watch in its entirety, here.

After a large soccer riot leads to break-ins into people’s homes, Homer decides to buy a gun when he cannot afford a home security system. As Marge disapproves of a gun in the house, Homer takes her to an NRA meeting to show her that the household needs a gun. Marge concedes but, after an accident, pleads to Homer to get rid of the gun, which he claims to do. After Bart and Milhouse discover it again, Marge takes the kids and leaves Homer.  

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