Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Mission Accomplished: Owlgirls fully funded!

Well kids we did it! That’s right the Owlgirls comic that I'm writing (which was created by Rachele Aragno and art-directed by Dave Ryan), is a go!

We were looking for a mere $3,463.00 but what we managed to raise was a whopping $4,000.00! So as you can guess, I’m wicked excited that managed to squeeze in at least one stretch goal!

This was my first time running a Kickstarter campaign, and man, did I have fun...It made me a total nervous wreck, but yep I totally had fun creating and posting all the Memes that I did (I’ll have to repost ‘em here for you fine folks who didn’t get to see them on my Facebook page.)

I said it elsewhere but I’ll say it again, Thanks to both Rachele who let both Dave and I participate in her dream, and thanks to Dave for thinking of me that I would be able to rise to the task of actually bringing life to Rachele’s characters.

Also I would like to thank Joe Martino for all of his invaluable suggestions and advice as well as for his unflagging support as I started to unravel towards the end of the program.

The first issue is all done, Rachel and Dave are working on issue #2 (which I already wrote), and now I’m moving forward on scripting issue #3. Seriously kids, the best part of this ride is yet to come!

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