Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Comics Creators Community Spotlight

 This is the latest publication from Jim Main's Main Enterprises.

To be sure, Comics Creators Community Spotlight isn’t so much a new concept for Jim as it is a return to the type of stuff that he has done for years. That is to say, promoting comicbooks and comicbook creators in the Indie community.

When I first met Jim (about a hundred years or so ago), he was working on a couple of similar projects. These types of comic mags were all the rage before the advent of the Intertubes, and well, it was where most of us got our first break in the business.

As for myself, I began on Amazing Heroes (a legendary Fantigraphics publication), which lead to me working for virtually every comics-related magazine published during the ’80s & ’90s.

Well, Jim is using several of my Indie Comic reviews in this first issue (as well as in subsequent issues), so I’m highly recommending that you click the link above and order a copy or 12 (give some to your friends, they'll thank you!).

Oh posted below are some of the reviews of mine that appeared in this issue. If you want to read the teriffic interview with the very talented Joe Martino, and learn all about his very cool up-coming project, The Mighty Titan, you'll have to buy the issue for yourself.

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