Sunday, April 22, 2012

Lawe & Order

Quite a long time ago (like 20 years or so), I developed a superhero comicbook idea about a pair of individuals who put on spandex and fought crime. One was a lawyer, and the other was a cop. I called them Law & Order. Then Dick Wolf developed his TV series of the same name, and I put my idea in a drawer. About four or five years ago I “met” Joe Martino on Facebook, and he was looking for a superhero backup strip for a comic he was producing. I offered him (my) Law & Order and we got Hal Jones to illustrate it.

Hal did a great job, but for one reason or other the project took a while to launch, and then never quite did, and we all moved on to other projects. Well, earlier this year I asked Joe if he was ever going to get around to publishing (My) Law & Order (now called The Enforcers) only by then, I remembered that another friend of mine, Carl Herring Jr., already had a comic called The Enforcers, and so I changed the name again to The Mighty Enforcers: Staring Law & Order.

Ultimately I offered the story to Jim Main and settled on Lawe & Order. Jim liked the story and is preparing to publish it (In color), in his comic Main Enterprises Presents. The piece of art you see here is the first bit of colored art I’ve seen of the story, and I think it looks great!

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