Sunday, February 27, 2011

Walk like an Independent

If you are an independent comicbook creator, or support independent comics you want to hear this. an indie creator named David Branstetter (the creator of Straw Man), is putting together a plan with huge brass balls. No really, he is proposing to pull together an Indie magazine that is solly about Independent comics.

Yep, you read that right, a mag dedicated to Indie comics.

Imagine having a magazine that promotes comics in independent and small press that is specifically designed for the Indie & Small Press you, Now imagine it going out free to every major comic book store in the nation, complete with reviews promotional material and information about just small and Indie Press comics! Yes, it’s an ambitious project, but if he can raise the dough, all of us in the Indie & Small Press world win and win big. If he can’t, well, noting ventured nothing gain, and the best part is that he is using Kickstarter to bankroll the project so everyone can help.

I never met this guy, but he is already my hero, and he can be yours as well, so what are you still doing reading this? you should be clicking over to help fund this noble project. I have already pledged my support, now it is your turn to do so as well.

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