Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Carnage is the thing

 OK, so I'’m a Spidey fan, that much has already been established (yeah, no surprise, there, eh?) So obviously I’m not only going to be buying any comicbook with Spidey appearing in it, I’m going to be buying comics that have Spidey-related characters in them. Right?

So, a book entitled Carnage, in which Spidey appears is a given, eh?

Well, not so much. Unfortunately, the return of Carnage in his on limited series isn’t that much of a draw for me. I want to say that I’m enjoying the story, only I’m not. Not really. I mean, it is well enough written (by Zeb Wells), but the art by Clayton Crain just isn’t doing it for me.

The problem that I’m having with the art is that, well it is dark, muddy, and looks like it was inked in the dark, using only two or three colors, all of which were steeped in shadows.

No seriously, I  was trying to read this story, but the art is so dark and muddy that I was having the damndest time. I understand that Crain  was trying to go for mysterious and moody, but what he managed to achieve, was, well, mud. I totally understand that he was attempting to go for a mood thing, but it totally missed the mark,

The whole thing was simply printed too dark, and it not only reduced my overall enjoyment of the comic but it made the thing difficult to read and to even understand what was going on in the following issue.

I really wish that some consideration was given to what the end product was going to look like when artists start out on illustrating comics these days. So often it seems to me that comics (which I always have felt should be bright and colorful), wind up being dark and hard to read.

Still, someone must love this style of art, but I’m not one of them.

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