Friday, February 18, 2011

In unrelated news, the Human Torch is still dead...

It has been reported that yesterday there was a fire @ St. Mark’s Comics in NYC:
Fire officials are investigating the cause of a blaze on St. Marks Place Thursday afternoon. The fire, at St. Mark’s Comics at 11 St. Marks Place, began shortly after 1:30 and it was declared under control about a half hour later. Officials said that one person sustained minor injuries in the fire but refused medical treatment.

Apparently the fire started in the basement of the five-story building that houses St. Mark‘s Comics

A witness said the FDNY had to knock through the wall of St. Marks Comics to reach the fire's source. There are no reported injuries. Let's hope all the Silver Surfers and Wonder Womans are safe, too!

Mitch Cutler, who has owned St. Mark’s Comics for 27 years, was still awaiting the arrival of his insurance adjuster to assess the damage to determine when he could open. Cutler stated that:

...water, smoke and sawdust could all damage comics. “Firemen were here with lots of water,” he said, adding that he planned to reopen the store later today.

Hopefully not too much of his product was damaged.

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