Sunday, February 06, 2011

Neutron Girl

So, last October while I was at the NYComicon One of the tables I happened across was a couple of fellows hawking a comic called Neutron Girl. Well the comic was a tad off-beat which simply made it all the more appealing to me. the artwork was simple, yet attractive, and the story itself was, intriguing. I have just learned that the Neutron Girl comic is available at Amazon ($3.00).

I also just discovered (from reading the background on Amazon) that the comic Neutron Girl is actually connected to an independent film entitled , Water Falls in Manhattan. The comic, which is written by Brian P. Katz, is apparently the same comic being written by the character in the movie. The character in the movie —Anthony Eivers — writes Neutron Girl — a fantasy that is based on his life with his girlfriend, Sonya. In the comic, Sonya is the eponymous superhero, Neutron Girl.

I’m not sure if the Indie film was ever made (I can't seem to find any info on it), but the comicbook itself is kinda cool.


Brian said...

Hey Robert,

Thanks for the post. I've been scrolling through your blog and digging your insight (and taste). I'm the writer/co-creator of this _Neutron Girl_/_Water Falls in Manhattan_ project and want to offer a brief update: We're still in the "pre-" pre-production part of drumming up as much support, by both traditional (Hollywood) and non-traditional (independent) routes, as possible. So, although the script, director, some cast, and some crew are in (or about to be in) place, finances are keeping us at bay... for now.

Again, thanks for the post.

You rock.


Robert J. Sodaro said...

Brian, I believe that we met (& chatted briefly) @ NYCC, I really enjoyed your comic, and would very much like to see more of it (is the on-sale version longer than what I saw @ NYCC?) plus the film looks like an interesting project. Pleas keep me (us) informed as to your progress, and thanks for the update.

Brian P. Katz said...

Robert, When you get a sec., go to our website ( and send me an email with your address. I'll forward a copy of the book and some extra goodies. In fact, this goes for ALL of your readers. I have 100 signed copies of the comic to send to your blog followers. No one needs to pay anything; I'll cover postage.

I'll forward updates and new stories as we finish 'em.

Thanks again for taking the time to write about NG.


Robert J. Sodaro said...

Wow, Thanks, Brian, that is a very generous offer. Well you heard him folks, head over to and log in.

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