Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Key to your heart

No, I haven't gone sappy, chick-lit" on you all, this is the name of a very well-done, Manga-style ash can comic produced by a friend of mine. Jennifer Allen (who was introduced to me by my pal Hot Pants, Liz Ortiz. Jen, Like Liz is a fan of Manga, proven by this entertaining ash can.

The story starts out with Hikari celebrating her 16th birthday, which should have been pretty much like any other day, only including party and presents. However, there seems to be a mysterious fellow who is stalking her, and when he catches up with her, demands she turn over a key. Only Hikari has no Earthly idea what he is talking about. As can be expected, this day turns out to be anything but ordinary.

Truthfully, I'm a usual reader of Manga, but I have read enough to say that this one is an excellent occidental version of the genre, right down to the “backwards” way the comic is constructed (being read from right to left, rather than the “normal” way. It also involves a cute young girl, in a short, flaring skirt, and contains all of the other traditional elements of Manga.

More importantly, it is an easy read, with an understandable story that flows coherently throughout the small book. Plus it is wonderfully rendered in clean lines and contains solid storytelling techniques. Further it makes me want Jennifer to continue the story, and produce a longer tale.

Her web site is, only I’m not entirely sure that it is active just yet. Hopefully it will be available soon, and we can all enjoy the firuyter adventures of Hikari. In the mean time, you’ll just have to hope to catch Jennifer at a local con (she'll probably be sitting with Liz and/or Shawnti).

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