Tuesday, January 25, 2011

First the CCA, now Wizard, what will be eliminated next?

The other day we told you all about the (long over due) demise of the Comics Code Authority. Well, by now everybody on the planet (at least those in the comics industry who still bothered to read Wizard under the mistaken impression that it somehow still reflected what was “hot” in comics), has already learned, Wizard Magazine is also dead.

Yep, according to a former employee, on Friday apparently all staff members were sent home and then before the kickoff of the Jets/Steelers playoff game, everyone was essentially notified that they didn't need to show up on Monday, the office had been shut down and moved to a new location, and they would be told when and where to pick up their personal effects. There was also no conversation about severance or unemployment pay.

There has been some talk of converting the magazine to an on-line format and taking the company public, but there still seems to be no clear plan as to how any of that is to happen.

One has to wonder what will be the next comicbook-related company to bite the dust, will be, Perhaps only the Shadow knows for sure..

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