Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Legacy of Cats

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a cat person.

As much as I like dogs (and I do like dogs) I prefer the company of cats. While it is true that they say that cats were once worshiped as gods, and they will never let us forget that, there are numerous advantages to cats over dogs:

1) You don’t have to walk cats.
2) You can leave a cat’s food out all day, and they won’t eat it all at once.
3) You can leave them home all day without having to worry that they will gnaw on your furniture (cats sleep close to 80% of the day)
4) They prefer to be ignored.

Conversely, you can tell if a cat loves you when they allow you to sit under them while they sleep (you don’t own cats, they own you).

The cat in this post is Zazu. My daughter belongs to her. However, during the day (recently) she has been coming downstairs into my office to sleep in my Spidey chair. Needless to say, this is irritating Peanut (she has authority over my son) because the two tend not to get along, and Peanut used to sleep in my office when I’m here. Now Peanut is sleeping elsewhere and well, I’m probably in the dog house over this all.

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Tommy said...

What does it mean when you cat gets on top of you and then sucks her own nipples? o_O