Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Writing Challenge

A few weeks back — on July 11 I became involved in a writing challange. For my end I stated that I would pen a comicbook script a week for 10 weeks. I wanted to take a few moments to give you all a brief update of my output. As of today (the start of week 6) I have completed seven scripts, (this includes eight one-page scripts, — as well as plots for an additional 30 more installments, for a weekly on-line Web comic, for which I already have lined up an artist, and a place to publish it — more on that as it develops). I’m also part-way into script #8 (a 16-pager, this time out, twice as long as the rest of the material I’ve been generating).

Going hand-in-hand with the creation of new scripts, I have managed (with the help of my lovely wife) to have gotten typed up three or four previously-written scripts (I have a tendency to write my scripts longhand, don’t ask why, long story), as well as significant portions of my previously-written novella (that’s about half-way through being typed). I have started to type my scripts for the first draft, but many of them are still, or have previously been written longhand; hence, a preliminary word count of new material (not an actual total as some stuff has yet to be re-typed) is 13,220 words.

Oh, not counted in the challenge are the two magazine articles that I wrote and sold, or installments to my on-line movie column. So, yeah, I’m working this challenge as heard as I can.

Hopefully, when the challenge has run its course, not only will I be able to continue this type of output, but perhaps I’ll even be able to return to regular contributions to this forum.


Tommy said...


With all the stuff you're working on, I'm surprised you're able to put anything here. @_@

Robert J. Sodaro said...

I never sleep.