Monday, August 06, 2007

Agent Unknown is on the comeback trail!

A very funny thing happened to me just now (seriously, just now). I was Googling myself (hey, don’t you ever Google yourself? you should sometime, just for laughs.) Anyway, I did, and in addition to my name, cited Agent Unknown, the comicbook series I did in the late ‘80s. Well, lo and behold, I came up on the following reference for a blog entitled Guns in the Gutter where the reviewer talked about my comic.

Seriously, how cool is that?

Well, truth of the matter is that he really didn’t like the comic all that much, but Hell, it is the only review of the comic that I have ever seen in 20 years. For me, the really cool part of this is that, well, as readers of this forum alrady know, I’m gearing up to revive Agent Unknown. So the fact that someone is writing about it 20 years later is kind of cool.

I‘m hoping that he will like the new installments much better.

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Tommy said...


I wonder if you freaked Mr. Mills out by finding his review and posting there?

Anyhoo, I think it's cool when a person can see improvement in themselves and figure what may work better upon looking back on something at a later date.

In my case, sometimes I wonder how I came up with something (no, I'm not professional, but I've written over the years), and other times, I wonder why the hell did I phrase something a certain way, separate trains of thought with unnecessary punctuation, or even how paragraph separation can put more emphasis on something.

Then comes the next part.

When you see some of the stuff that passes for a story and you know you're better than that, then you know you're "good enough", but you don't want to be good want to be the most badass you can be.

If I belabor the obvious...well...sorry about that.

Hope everything pans out with the Agent Unknown revival!