Sunday, February 04, 2007

Ditko Rules!

My very first published article was about the amazing work that Steve Ditko did on the early issues of The Amazing Spider-Man. That article originally appeared in Amazing Heroes #5, now it is posted here, on-line on the Steve Ditko Website.

I truly discovered comics and — by extension — Spider-Man, because of Steve. I have always loved his work on Spidey, and have always wished that someone could convince him to return, at least once more, to draw the character that he helped create. So you can well imagine how pleased I am to be reading his classic work on the early issues of Spider-Man as reprinted in the NY Post.

For me, this is something of coming home. His art was quite possible the most amazing thing I had ever seen in the comicbook form, prior to, or since. His characters all looked different than each other, and he drew the most expressive thugs I had ever seen.

Today, my house is full of comicbooks as well as Spider-Man related stuff. It is because of Steve, Stan, and then John Romita, Sr. I don’t think that the Post comics will ever get up to the comics drawn by JR, but, that’s OK, for now, we are all enjoying the work of Steve on Spidey.

Talk to you again soon.

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