Friday, August 16, 2019

John A. Wilcox is more famous than you!

I know John A. Wilcox, In fact, I know him quite well, some 40 years plus-or-minus he’s a multi-talented guy, and I count myself lucky to number him as one of my oldest friends.

Among other things, John is a cartoonist, and knows other cartoonists. One of these cartoonists that he knows is a guy named Bob Weber, Sr. Bob is the creator of Moose and Molly, a syndicated cartoon, and every once in a while for years now, Bob, (because he is a funny guy), likes to randomly insert John’s name into the Moose and Molly cartoon.

Personally, I think this is hilarious, and, well, so does John.

Here are just a few times that Bob has inserted John’s name into the strip (for reference, John himself has never appeared in the strip, just his name.

Right about now don’t you wish you were John?

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