Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Batman V Superman: a different (Humorous) view

OK kids, I already posted my review of Batman V Superman (over here) but apparently I wasn't the only one who weighed in on this film (go figure). One of the people who reviewed the film was Peter K. Rosenthal from the satirical website, The Onion. I note his review because Rosenthal (straight-facedly, but hilariously humorously) compared the fight between these two World’s Finest heroes to the break-up of his parents. Which is not only especially funny, but actually makes sense when you actually examine the film’s name.

Batman v Superman

You see, when two names are juxtapositioned like that (opposite a “v” as opposed to a “vs”  (as in Mad Magazines Spy vs. Spy) it is considered a legal matter (as in a divorce) as opposed to just a fight between two foe-men (Frazier vs Ali). leaving us to assume one of two things:
  1. Director Snyder didn't understand the technical differences between the two uses, or
  2. He really did mean for this to be a legal battle
Hence Rosenthal’s review:

So, yeah, that is actually pretty funny, but then again, so are these two cartoons dealing with the difference between DC and Marvel comicbook fans when movies about their chosen heroes hit the Silver Screen.

I’ve actually had this conversation...

And well, there’s also this:

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