Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Bronx Kids Con 7

Last Saturday I spent the day (once again) in the Bronx. This time I was attending Alex Simmons’ Kids Con. While there I was at the Pronto Comics table selling some of my books First in Flight and Iconic), where I again turned a bit of a profit. (Hey, that’s three weeks in a row! How cool is that?) Both of my recent comics First in Flight (about Gustave Whitehead, who flew before the Wright brothers), and Hot Girl and Totally Hot Girl) were published with Pronto.

Anyways, here are the pics I took at Kids ComicCon

First up, welcome to the Con.

  Who is that shadowy figure?

Why it is our host, Alex Simmons

Ray Felix and his Bronx Heroes!

East Coast Black Age of Comics

Pronto Comics

Jim Salicrup & Adam Post

And now, for the Cosplay folks

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