Thursday, January 24, 2013

Comic book movies from 2012

Here is a look back on the comicbook films from last year..

“Like the decade that preceded it, the 2012 Box office was replete with films that either started out in comics, or had a long history in comicbook form. Last year was particularly notable as it featured not only the massive blockbuster hit, The Avengers (which finally brought together many of the lead Marvel comic characters that have been popping up in films for the past several years), but because it also marked the conclusion of Christopher Nolan’s epic Dark Knight trilogy, as well as the re-boot of Marvel’s very popularAmazing Spider-Man franchise. These three films were certainly the most anticipated of the comicbook fare to hit the Silver Screen last year, and while many fans did express some disappointments with them, they each did quite well at the box office, landing First, Second and Sixth (respectively) as the top-grossing films from last year.”


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