Friday, March 09, 2012

Ladies, and Gents...Commander X as the Knight Avenger

So some time back I happened across the very talented cartoonist Jay Piscopo and his wonderful all-ages comics, Sea Ghost  and The Undersea Adventures of Capt'n Eli. Both of these comics (published under Jay’s Nemo Publishing) are truly wonderful, fun-filled comics that are throwbacks to the kind of comics I read in my (ill-spent) youth, and I highly recommend them both.

Well, Jay (or rather his lovely assistant Tami) sent me a very cool action figure of another of Jay’s characters. The character is Commander X in his Knight Avenger garb.

The Commander/Knight Avenger action figure is a full-articulated toy, in the same style as the classic Mego figures, complete with a cloth costume. We think that this is very cool and we totally love that Jay is producing action figures based upon his characters.

The Commander X Knight Avenger sells for $19.95, and you  can order it (as well as other items from Jay’s bundle of wicked-cool comics and toys) by heading over to his web site checking out his store and doing just that.

Tell Jay I sent you!

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