Tuesday, March 27, 2012

History of the Marvel Universe

OK, this is kind of cool, yesterday I received an email notification that I could expect a Fed-Ex package from Marvel. Now I really had no idea what it could have been as I sporadically contribute to various Marvel projects on the Index/Handbook/Reference teams.

Although it had been a while since I had done anything, Marvel traditionally runs several months behind on delivering comps, which is cool, but is often confusing as to what could be in the package. Anyway, today I received the package and was totally surprised when I opened it.

Turns out it contained this History of the Marvel Universe saga, which I had not even realized that I had contributed to (not so surprising as we are often asked to locate and scan covers and/or panels of specific issues for random projects.

At first I though that it was a mistake (sometimes it is difficult for the Marvel staffers to keep us freelance researchers straight), however, when I looked in the credits, sure enough, there was my name. I guess that I had done something for this issue without even realizing it (I'm thinking ti was a scan of some sort).

Anyways, I just thought I'd share that with you all.

Oh yeah, it wasn’t until I made this update that I realized that I already had a copy of this comic, and never realized that I was a contributor.

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