Monday, October 31, 2011

An early Christmas gift

Just got the word from “Grim” Jim Main that my Christmas tale of mirth and mayhem (Santa and the Angels) will be appearing in his Santa-Themed issue of *PPFSZT! #34. How cool is that?

My story Slabbed, just showed up in *PPFSZT! #33, which Jim is telling us is literally flying off the shelves (no really it is a vampire, bat thing with actual wings I’m told, so you’'d best have some cloves of garlic on hand).

That issue has been written up over at, so we are hoping that the additional exposure of the comic is helping launch Jim’s funnybooks into the stratosphere.

Well, as we’ve been telling folks, Jim has been publishing quite a number of our stories lately including Regret (The Attic #1), Too Much Coffee, Man! (*PPFSZT! #28), and Tea Party (*PPFSZT! #30).

Rest assured folks, that there are a whole bunch more stories of mine waiting in the wings, over at Main Enterprises, so keep knock, knock, knocin’ on Grim Jim’s door.

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