Monday, July 04, 2011

*PPFSZT to you too!

A few months back, Jim Main the head honcho of Main Enterprises, published a short story of mine, entitled, Too much coffee, Man. in his publication *PPFSZT #28. Well Jim induced me to submit a second story, which I did, and this second story appears in *PPFSZT #30. This second story (like the first) was illustrated by the extraordinarily talented Jack Bertram. The second story is entitled Tea Party.

Jim has three more of my stories that he will be publishing, one is entitled Papyrus (illustrated by the very talented Alex Lopez), a second is entitled Regret (yet to be illustrated), and the third (which I just handed in) is entitled Slabbed.

I have to say that I’m really enjoying submitting stories to Jim. He has about a dozen eclectic publications that he produces on (apparently) random publishing schedules.

Oh, I also contributed an article to Comic Fan #6 about our mutual friend Rusty Haller.

Here is the opening page to Tea Party:

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