Saturday, July 09, 2011

Fast Food toys in your future

For a while now I've been monitoring the various fast food web sites looking for new comicbook-related items, and well, the Arby’s site has been saying for a while that comicbooks are coming, but they never seem to get here. I might have to drive by the nearest one to see if the website is up to date.

With the popularity of the Transformers 3 movie out there, Burger King is currently involved in a Tie-in with the film, as they have in the past.

Meanwhile, McDonald’s is in the midst of a Star Wars/The Clone Wars promotion.

As we’ve already indicated, Dunkin’ Donuts is promoting Captain America, Subway is all over Green Lantern (finally) and 7-Eleven is pushing Cowboys & Aliens. I wonder if one of the other fast food franchises will also jump in on the Cap bandwagon as the DD promotion seems to trend more to adults than kids (not that I think that Cap is going to be a kid film).

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