Saturday, July 02, 2011

More Fast Food Superheroes

As discussed, both Captain America and Green Lantern are currently visiting fast food locations this month, (GL is @ Subway, & Cap is @ Dunkin’ Donuts). As we also already know, Green Lantern is also staring in a big budget movie. (Other superheroes in theaters so far this year who also appeared in fast food franchises include Green Hornet (Hardee’s & Carl’s Jr.) and  Thor (7-Eleven), while Marvel’s X-Men made it to the big screen, for some reason there were apparently no toy tie-ins to this comic book flick (fast food or otherwise).

 The sixth and final Green Lantern bag (and bracelet)

Apparently all cold drinks from Dunkin’ Donuts this month come in a Captain America Cup.

Dunkin’ Donuts even altered its logo to reflect Cap’s presence at the Franchise.

Oh, the Cap cup is courtesy of a co-worker (Thanks Lauren).

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